Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unlocking your Huawei E220 modem

Have you ever subscribed to Celcom broadband before? Did they provide you with a Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem? Have you ever wanted to switch subscriber but don't want to waste your money in buying a new modem because you thought that you could simply use the available Huawei E220 modem?

I have. But as I suspected before, I couldn't simply the modem that Celcom gave to me.

Consequently as a result, I've been using my Nokia N97 as a modem for the past couple of months. Yes, such a waste of device to be using the cell phone just for the sake of turning it into a modem. Hence I've search far and wide to find the answer in unlocking the Huawei E220.
It was a trial and error process until I’ve found a link from one of the forums I Googled (If there is such a term). So let us cut to the chase and go straight to telling you how to do it. It’s pretty simple but I think I just got lucky. Try it at your own risk.

1st Step:
Go to
2nd Step:
Click the Download : E220_Dashboard_WIN_HOSTB107D05SP00C03 link and download .zip file.
3rd Step:
Make sure your modem in connected and run unzip the file downloaded before running it.
4th Step:
Just follow the procedures and you are done.

That’s it, pretty simple isn’t it? Now you can use your Huawei E220 with any Internet Service Provider without any worries. But as I said, I think I just got lucky, just by upgrading Internal ZeroCD Dashboard was enough to “unlock” the modem.
If you dared to try, it’s at your own risk and I won’t be held responsible if anything happens to your modem.
Just my 20cents.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Damned if I do, Damned if i don't.

This is it, 2:49am, Thursday August 12, 2010, trying for the first time to write a bit on what’s going on inside my head. After so long, yes, very long indeed, I finally managed to do it. Not that I don’t have anything to write about, I was just plain lazy.

See, at first, the only thing that made me want to have a weblog was that, I was so impressed with the writings by some of the people around me. Their effortless and their confidence in the language they use is something that I envy of. I felt that I would never be able reach that level since most of the time (all the time actually) I can only use laymen terms. Hence I made it a point that, in order to improve my language either in Bahasa or English, I need to practice. But practice is not one of my virtues. Laziness, instead, is my sin.

Blah blah blah, so let’s get into it. What is it that bothered me so much that I am able to write this? I don’t know. Probably I’m just too bored. But then again, what can I write here without compromising some of the security issues that comes with writing a weblog? Some of my friends disagree when I put up my present location on Facebook via Foursquare. They surely denounce me if I go rambling on about my daily life in the internet. And without a doubt, it won’t be cool, LOL.

As I write this, my head’s thinking about an article that I read last month in a magazine, it’s about how Google is going to take over the world and basically you’re a dead meat if you’re on the G-list. Whatever information that you put up in the internet will remain in the internet forever. Skipping on telling you on how it would remain, because it’ll take more than a weblog to explain it, I’m just going to tell you that it is definite true and you should believe it. That is why there was so much of hesitation from me to have my own weblog. Think about it, once it’s up there in the internet, anyone which is everyone will have access to it. Think about the privacy issues, think about the information that you are giving to the geniuses around the world that are more than capable of misusing them. Maybe it doesn’t sound scary enough but it may affect you in the future.

However, having a weblog of my own let me explore the impending creativity inside me that is itching to be let loose. Writing something will give me some satisfaction in any dissatisfaction that I may have encountered. I know I’m not the only one. Admit it, you do too. Try scrolling down through the status updates in Facebook (that’s the only networking site that I’ve actively joined since Friendster became lame), you can see most of the status updates are about the ordinary Joe’s and Jane’s displeasure about something. Telling the whole world that “My boss is such an a-hole” will get you in trouble, but you still do it because it pleases you.

So what’s the point here? Well, it’s just my 20cents.