Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas has yet to arrive

Ok, so after spending a couple of months trying to learn on how to create a program using Visual Basic Application from scratch, i think i'm done.

It's basically a user form. As i said before, it's sounds simple, and it definitely is simple. hahaha

So that up there is the first page. User will browse for the pricing sheet by clicking the browse button. Then, user can easily retrieve all the data that is needed by clicking the 'Retrieve' button. Hence they don't need to use the copy-paste option anymore. :p

Next would be of course the next page. Here, Overview of the project should be written by the users themselves. This is because every project is different, so the overview should be different. -_-" and yes below the would be the total price of the project that will be proposed to the customers or clients.

After that should be some preview of the items and price selected to be proposed to the customers. Users can add comments below to be put into the proposal. Once everything is done, user should click "Generate Proposal" to generate proposal. >.<

Tadda! i know it looks lame.. hahaha but it's a business proposal, it should look like this. straight forward and everything. *patting my own back*

I don't think this thing i created here fulfilled the requirements that the boss wants, but i'm just gonna give it to them and let them try it out first. will wait anxiously for their feedbacks. *that's a lie, i'm cool.*

Till then, good bye, good luck, and good riddance.

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